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Yv252.  Very fine UNMOUNTED MINT copy of Travail, 1f50 + 8f50 blue.  Cat 200€       Price: £85

Yv256.  Le Sourire de Reims.  Gorgeous margin copy from the booklet, UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 130€.  Price: £45

Yv257A  2f Merson, overprinted for the Le Havre Philatelic Exhibition of 1929, LIGHTLY MOUNTED MINT.  Cat 700€       Price: £225  SOLD

Yv262  20f chaudron Pont du Gard, very LIGHTLY MOUNTED MINT. Cat 300€      Price: £90 

Yv269 Provinces.  Very attractive lightly MOUNTED MINT   Cat 155€   Price: £40

Yv274  Top value from the Colonial Exhibition set of 1931.  Very fine UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 106€  Price: £35

Yv300  Normandie, the rarer lighter shade, UNMOUNTED MINT from the corner of the sheet.  Cat 165€        Price: £58

Yv296/297 Cartier pair UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 240€    Price: £95

Yv307/308 Unemployed Intellectuals Fund pair for 1935.  Very fine UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 125€.         Price: £50

Yv321  Atlantic Crossing, 10f green MOUNTED MINT with excellent centering.  Cat 375€   Price: £125

Yv354/355  Museums pair, VERY FINE AND RARE UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 350€. Price: £130

Yv398  Ader 50f blue, UNMOUNTED MINT.   Cat 170€.  Price: £65

                                                                                                                                                                         Yv1152       Le Havre. Variety:        1 of 12f in white. UMM.  Price: £8.00 

Yv1282,  MARIANNE de COCTEAU superb copy, UNMOUNTED MINT, with the red omitted.  Price: £230.00

Yv1492 with colour shift and red elbow    Price: £3.00

Yv1518  Clouet.  Pale yellow instead of ochre.  Cat 125€ (Dallay).            Price: £20.00

Taxe65  5f on 1f lilac in a used block of six.  Cat 78€   Price: £28

Taxe62  2f sepia in an attractive used block of four.  Cat 122€    Price: £38

PA1/2     1927 Merson Air Pair, very fine used, both stamps signed on the reverse.  Cat 460€    Price:£150   

PA3  VERY RARE COPY of this stamp.  10f on 90c red, 'Ile de France', MOUNTED MINT with small gum loss and one pulled perforation lower right.  Cat 2,700€  Price: £1,400   10Fr sur 90c rouge Ile de France, avec un léger manque de gomme, une dent courte.  With certificate.

PA14 50f green, very fine used.  Cat 420€   Price:£120                                            one of several copies in stock                                                                                                  

PA15 50f blue "banknote" (burelage), very fine used  Cat 385€  Price:£115                                                  SOLD. 

PA24-27  Cities of France, very fresh lightly mounted mint Cat 70€   Price:£35                

PA30-33 Air set of 1954. Very fine and fresh unmounted mint.   Cat 350€             Price:£150 

Taxe 7. very fine lightly mounted mint. Cat 385€ Price: £120

Taxe 9, a good clean used copy, but one margin is cut into the stamp.  Cat 130€  Price:£30  

Taxe17  20c black, very fine used.  Cat €150.  Price:£52    

Taxe19  40c black, mounted mint. Cat 150€.  Price:£65

Taxe21  60c black, very fine UNMOUNTED MINT.   Cat 700€    Price:£275 

Taxe41   2f red orange, superb UNMOUNTED MINT. Cat 500€   Price:£270

Taxe41   2f red orange, FINE USED.  Cat 75€   Price:£20

Taxe62   2f sepia, MOUNTED MINT.  Cat 170€   Price:£50

Taxe63   ONE FRANC on 60c centimes, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 75€   Price: £29

Taxe64  1f20 on 2f blue, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 115€   Price: £50

Taxe65  5f on 1f lilac, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 160€    Price: £70

Preo 24 POSTES PARIS 1920  VFU.  Signed Calves Cat 170€  Price: £50.00

Preo 26 POSTES PARIS 1921 Lightly mounted MINT. Cat 320€  Price: £100

Preo 29 POSTES PARIS Fine Used (*) Cat 80€  Price: £17.50

Preo 31 POSTES PARIS 1922  Fine Used (*). Signed Calves.  Cat 400€     Price: £95

Preo 32  POSTES PARIS 1922  MOUNTED MINT  Cat 700€  Price: £240

Preo 47 55c on 60c violet SUPERB UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 330€  Price: £135.00

Preo 47   55c on 60c violet, LIGHTLY MOUNTED MINT.    Cat 145€    Price: £52.00

Preo 54   20c lilac brown, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 160€    Price: £55

Preo 58   30c red SUPERB UNMOUNTED MINT. Cat 320€  Price: £130

Preo 58   30c red, LIGHTLY MOUNTED MINT.     Cat 160€   Price: £52

Preo 59   30c pink, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT. Cat 80€   Price: £35

Preo 60   30c blue, lovely UNMOUNTED MINT.   Cat €400    Price: £220

Preo 62   35c violet, FINE UNMOUNTED MINT.   Cat 185€    Price: £80

Preo  68   50c blue, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 260€     Price: £125

PREOBLITERE Preo 69.  VERY RARE. UNMOUNTED MINT. Signed Calves.  Cat 8,250€  Price: £1,900 (2,300€)

Preo 73, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT. Cat 88€   Price:£38

Preo 75   80c orange, VERY FINE UNMOUNTED MINT.  Cat 140€   Price: £65

Preo 83  60c red orange, UNMOUNTED MINT.    Cat 43€   Price: £20


Cours d'Instruction Ceres 37 / 38 30c and 35c LIGHTLY MOUNTED MINT  Signed. Cat 150€  Price: £30.00

Cours d'Instruction Ceres 21/28  1c black  to 1f lilac inclusive.  Set of 8. Lightly mounted MINT.  Cat 196€.  Price: £35.00

Cours d'Instruction  Ceres 30/32 Recouvrements.  Lightly mounted MINT  The three values, illustrated left and below.   Cat 87€  Price: £20.00

SUPERB UNMOUNTED MINT SPECIMEN SET OF TEN Ceres 61/68 Cat 177€  Price: £47.50


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