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I stock the widest range of France within the United Kingdom, from unmounted mint classics from the 1850s right up to the most recent issues of 2010.  Although I don't stock stamps after 2010, I will endeavour to obtain them if required.  I also supply stamps from Monaco and Andorra.   Please contact me and I will send you full lists.

PAYMENT METHODS                                         Any negotiable cash; cheques: US Dollars, Euros drawn on a French bank, or sterling.  Visa and Mastercard payments are also fine, and can be spread over three months if desired. Payment can also be made directly to our account.


I do not have any lists for other countries and territories but do hold a fair amount of stock and can often find stamps that you may need.  Just send your wants list and I will try to shorten it.  I often buy world collections so these may even be in stock.